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Recruiting, Screening & Selection.

At Assist, Inc. we attract high-performance candidates by understanding not only their skills and strengths but also their motivations and goals. Understanding people from the inside out enables us to find jobs that work for them. For you, that means workers who are focused and more productive.

We select the right people for you by using our unique verification process. 

  1. Skills are tested and matched to your specific need
  2. Employment eligibility is throughly verified
  3. Physical limits and reasonable accommodations are investigated and recorded to ensure essential functions can be performed
  4. Proper orientation is administered
  5. Thorough orientation provided

Every candidate must pass our application and screening process to ensure that essential job functions are matched with Candidates abilities in order to be considered. If a candidate does not meet our stringent standards, they are promptly dismissed from the hiring process.


Assist, Inc. is committed to preventing work-related injuries and illnesses and to minimize for our employees the physical and economic impact of injuries or illnesses. Our risk management objectives are achieved through:

  • Developing and implementing risk management policies and procedures.
  • Conducting continuing education and training for our staff in the area of risk management.
  • Practicing proper hiring, orientation and training procedures, as well as ensuring adequate supervision of our associates.
  • Obtaining prompt, competent medical treatment for injured associates.
  • Conducting a branch evaluation program to ensure compliance with our risk management guidelines.

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Assist, Inc. is a leading staffing agency serving clients and candidates in the greater Chicago area. We have a skilled team of recruiters working to place top talent into rewarding opportunities with great local employers. Whether you’re a client looking for an industrial staffing agency and skilled labor recruiters, or a candidate in search of that next great career, we can help.

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