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We serve many of the top companies in the Chicago metro area, and consistently have full-time, part-time, and night-shift positions listed. But it’s about more than just a job for us. Our company’s mission is to help you find a job, learn new skills, and move you forward in your goals for employment now and in the future.

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Aspiring personal trainer

I was laid-off from my customer service position at a athletic club and needed a job quick. Assist Staffing helped me land a job, and now I am earning money. I hope to get back on track to become a personal trainer, and this job will help me get there.

single mom

COVID-19 has really changed everything for my family. Assist Staffing helped me find a couple jobs close to home which makes it easier on my family. Once the pandemic settles down, and the kids are back in school, I know Assist Staffing will be help me find the next opportunity.


I am a college student and have to work around my class schedule and study time. For the past two years I have been able to find jobs with flexible hours through Assist Staffing. It has been a great way to earn money.

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We confidently and consistently provide reliable, responsible, productive people to help you get the job done and done well.

CNC Machine Operator

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We want to help you get a job, earn money, and learn new skills. It all starts with applying for a job position listed on our site

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We work hard to help you find a job, and to make that process easy. If we do it right, you will want to work with us in the future. Let’s get started.